Tuesday, January 06, 2009

There's seeing...and there's seeing

When I was undergoing a spiritually difficult time, I used to make art journal pages. Somehow my brain unlocked from its death grip on words, and went into neutral as soon as I dragged out the glue and paint. I'd coast along, and the spiritual center of me could impress itself on the action and I'd emerge from my creative haze with a visual piece that made sense. If you didn't try to describe it with words, that is.

As time went on after I accepted Jesus as my Savior, I began studying the bible and getting closer to Jesus. More and more it became apparent that many of the original collages I made were inspired by the Holy Spirit. They were scenes from the bible, or related to scriptures. Some of these were the visions I've already posted. Upon awakening I'd create a picture of what I had been shown and there they were, years later, for me to see again with new, spiritually opened eyes.

Last night I was reading John 9. I had read it a few days ago and so when I prayed for discernment and the word came back, "John 9" I was perplexed. But far be it for me to argue.

I read along and got toward the end. John is always great to read anyway. Jesus healed a blind man, and the Pharisees were bent out of shape, denying Jesus had done it, threatening to excommunicate the man, grilling him over the fact that it was Sabbath and Jesus thereby must be a law-breaker...

Jesus came on the scene and told the Pharisees: " 39Jesus said, "For judgment I have come into this world, so that the blind will see and those who see will become blind."

I stopped short. Suddenly one of the collages I had made 4 years ago came to mind clear as day. I was always quite fond of it. It depicted a man looking out through powerful binoculars, but the birds he is looking for are sitting right on top of the binoculars. He doesn't see them. Caption is "Sometimes we look but we can't see." The second scene shows Angel Gabriel appearing before Mary. "Sometimes we see but we can't look."

The third part shows God in His universe, the looking and the seeing finally united in the comfort of His glory.

This is John 9:39. Mary is blind but then sees and the Pharisees are seeing but are blind to the Messiah standing in front of them.

Which are you? So you see so well you see right past the Messiah who came to save you? I'm glad I am seeing. And seeing is believing.

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