Saturday, January 17, 2009

Live video of the US Air crash!

If this doesn't bring tears to your eyes...The Hudson River Vessel Traffic Service released its webcam video of the US Air flight 1549 crash into the Hudson River. The plan splashes down at the 2:00 mark, on the extreme left of the scene. At that point the cam operator notices the event and zooms in. Right away you can see people sliding out the chutes and standing on the wings. Efficient evacuation! What brought tears to my eyes were:

--literally three minutes after the crash the first ferry boat arrives and immediately begins rescue of those standing on the right wing. Look at the time on the vid. Three minutes
--five minutes into the scene you can clearly see the folks on the left wing waiting like statues, while those on the right wing are almost all picked up by that first arriving ferry. Two additional boats arrive momentarily and the left wing people rescue commences.
--all the while the plane is sinking. Demonstrably and inexorably...sinking.

PRAISE GOD for the miracle this is.

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