Sunday, January 04, 2009

2008, Year of Disasters

Huge Year for Natural Disasters

"The past year has been one of the most devastating ever in terms of natural disasters, one of the world''s biggest re-insurance companies has said. Munich Re said the impact of the disasters was greater than in 2007 in both human and economic terms."

Earthquakes in diverse places: a response to those who say "But we have always had earthquakes. It's not the end times." In one hundred and eight years of record keeping: data shows a dramatic increase in number of earthquakes the last two years:

I wonder how the Hurricane Ike victims are doing...we haven't heard a news story out of Texas since Ike's winds wisped away.


Anonymous said...

A dramatic increase in sensitivity and installation of seismic detection technology = dramatic increase in ability to detect tremors. Yes, there will be even more dramatic increases as the trend continues. There will also be a dramatic increase in ringing sounds emanating from people's pockets. Is this a biblical plague?'s directly related to a dramatic increase in the number of cell phones in pockets. Use yo noggin!

Elizabeth Prata said...

I don't understand what you are refuting: the fact that there have been increased disasters, or the fact that they are related to God's plan for the End Times...

Anonymous said...

There are not "more" natural disasters...there are more people who are living and affected by them, and there are more cameras and recording equipment documenting these events, and there is now a way for those events to be shared with the entire world almost immediately.

So, there aren't more disasters, it's just that in the past we didn't know about the earthquake in - insert location here - or the hurricane in - insert location here - because there weren't people in those locations, or there was no way to get the word out that everyone felt the house vibrate that day, and there was no 24hr. technological coverage of the earth's natural (seismic, volcanic, weather, oceans, temp, etc.) activity.

So, it SEEMS like some dramatic increase in "disasters" (just normal natural events) and it is no coincidence that the dramatic increase in these "disasters" is coupled with a dramatic increase in population and, more importantly, a dramatic increase in technology to both document and communicate said events.

Funny, what you describe as "disasters", I see as beautiful, natural rhythms of nature...completely natural and normal!

Elizabeth Prata said...

Ahh. Well. How hot does the water has to get before the frog notices it is boiling? We shall see.

What has been happening this year is natural, supernatural actually, it is God warning us. We shall see as this next year goes on how "normal" things are though by January 2010.

It's easy to re-describe an event as "beautiful and normal" when you're comfy in a house that can still afford internet access and your belly is full. I don't think the people of Texas think Hurricane Ike was 'funny'. Or 'normal' and certainly not 'beautiful.' I think they see it as a disaster. I do too.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, I can't believe that you actually think there are not more disasters! It's not just that there's more population, the numbers don't lie.

what's with long-dormant volcanoes suddenly erupting? The one in Chile and the one in Russia, one day they just popped hot after thousands of years and exploded all over people...

this year was the worst tornadoe season ever, more tornadoes on the ground. "Increased population" or "extra cameras" around didn't just make those up!

WAKE UP anonymous!!!!