Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Awww, look what Bert gave me

Bert gave me a present in the deep of night. I thought in my sleepy haze sometime around two o'clock that I felt him rooting around. When I threw back the covers this AM to get out of bed there was hit beat-up little milk ring he plays with all day. He tucked me in with it!


Christie said...

Is that the thing you pull of a milk jug? If so, our cats love those as well but we usually find them under the couch.

Elizabeth Prata said...

Yes, that's it! Bert loves to shove them under the bookcase. I have learned to keep a long stick there to fish them out, otherwise he sits there, looks at me with his big eyes, and mews plaintively. I tried to outwait him once, no can do. LOL, they sure have me trained.