Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Another take on tremors at Yellowstone

From a comment by a person posting at US News & World Report's last article (Jan 5) regarding Yellowstone:

"Geyser" Under Lake

Those of us at Above Top Secret noticed a continuing anomaly on the LKWY Seismograph that would challenge the above statement that there have been no changes to hot springs, etc. If you review these Seismographs from 1/4 - 1/6, you'll see a continuing pattern. On 1/4, this was about every hour and forty minutes. As of today, it's about every half an hour. We surmise that this may be a new hydrothermal vent (underwater geyser) and that the decreasing eruption times are a cause for concern because it suggests the bottom of the lake is heating at an increasing pace.

On these graphs, we're looking at the thin, repeating pattern. This Seismograph is calibrated to 500 microvolts, which means these eruptions would appear bigger on most Seismographs, which are set to 100 microvolts.

1/4/09: helicorder
1/5/09: helicorder
1/6/09: helicorder

Here is a graph of the Seismic eruptions, taking into account both the interval and length of the eruptions, which are between 3-5 minutes each:

This is very troubling. If this is a new vent and the water is heating faster, it would seem that either more vents will eventually appear to disperse the pressure or perhaps there is in fact a magma chamber close to the surface?

** note, the forum the contributor mentioned is a conspiracy forum

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