Thursday, January 01, 2009

"The Honeymooners" lives

Fifty five years ago the Jackie Gleason show featured short skits ranging from 7 to 13 minutes. They were so popular, it was turned into a 30 minute show, "The Honeymooners." Perpetually grumpy NYC bus driver Ralph Kramden shakes his fist at the world in frustration and in attempts to strike it rich while his weary but loving wife Alice looks on. Friends Ed Norton and wife Trixie complete the quartet.

I had forgotten how funny Art Carney was in the role of Norton. Several times during the marathon shown on channel 11 WGN for New Year's I laughed out loud. He sure was a comic genius, contorting his rubber band-like body while unknowingly aggravating Ralph Kramden...his squashed hat crammed on his head...

Ahhh, G-rated tv. I love it. Check out The Honeymooners on Youtube, especially the famous Suwanee River episode!


SwampWoman said...

Heh. Spent last evening watching The Twilight Zone (in between going out to reassure the livestock that the nasty loud noises weren't meant for them).

Elizabeth Prata said...

the original series? or the movie?

btw do you keep chickens? been thinking about keeoing a couple

SwampWoman said...

The original series.

Daughter had 4-H "show chickens" (pampered purebreds) while I've had some mongrel barnyard chickens kept to scratch manure and keep bugs down, particularly those golden orb spiders that used to hang from every tree and shake their web at me and I swear I could see drops of venom glistening from their fangs as they contemplate my eyeballs. I am happy to report that there have been no golden orb eyeball fanging incidents since the chickens arrived.

Too make a long story shorter (too late, I'm southern!) the daughter left home, married a sailor, and left her pampered purebreds under my haphazard care. I turned them out with my game chickens and bantams, and now there are a motley crossbred (hardy)weird-lookin' assortment that call this place home.

*sigh* Then there are the muscovy ducks.

Elizabeth Prata said...

Ah, the original series was a goodie. I didn't know if you had to keep them in a cage or what. I'll look into ti. Muscovy ducks, are those the weird looking dinosaur type ducks? They were plaguing Naples FL last time I checked.

Last night was another old goodie- Them! and King Kong.

SwampWoman said...

Nah, no cages. They roost in trees, hatch out and care for their own young, and pick through horse manure for oats and eat bugs. I occasionally throw them corn which is why, whenever I go outside, I am the leader of a poultry parade, along with a cat or two and the ever present dog.

I need to repair the chicken house and start catching and controlling chickens. There are entirely too many chickens now.

SwampWoman said...

Yeah, muscovy ducks have the bumpy red skin-covered heads. They're good at controlling mosquitos.

Again, they have been reproducing too much, and I'm being overrun by poultry. I need to eat some, sell some to the Chinese, and collect the eggs.