Friday, January 30, 2009

N. Korea: "All bets are off!"

I posted this on The End Time blog last night. I am still amazed that mainstream news outlets in the US have not picked this up yet. At last the BBC has published an article by now:

North Korea tears up agreements
"Communist North Korea has said it is scrapping all military and political agreements signed with the South, accusing Seoul of hostile intent."

So North Korea says 'all bets are off.' Remember, N. Korea's nukes are in the hands of a crazy dictator. Now, nothing happens in a vacuum, and on January 18th "South Korea said its military forces remained on alert Sunday a day after North Korea issued a statement pledging "an all-out confrontational posture."

I just wonder about the timing. Were they waiting for hard liner Bush to be out and talk 'em kiss kiss Obama is in?

Anyway, The End Time has a short list of why this is bad and scripture to ponder.

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Tammy said...

It makes me think of a Joel Rosenberg book...where N. Korea fires nuclear weapons on America. They seem to be a silent threat...and why it is not in the media more, is beyond me.