Thursday, January 08, 2009

My new blog: The End Time

Introducinnnnng...My new blog!, "The End Time". I seek to be a one-stop shop of news, videos, bible verses, essays, and up to the minute information on all things End Time prophetic.

On the left side menu there are links to other prophecy news sites, most are automatically updated daily. Below that, are videos related to end times themes. On the right are polls, Christian book reviews (not by me), and the little pictures listing the end times signs are clickable, related to a daily news article about that prophetic sign. Also there are the end times signs listed, clickable, that bring you to the bible verse. So if you forget "which bible verse said iniquity will abound?" just click on the alphabetical list and it takes you right to the verse. The list is not compete, but it's as comprehensive as this layman could get it.

In the middle you will see articles I write about end times, with many links to ongoing news. Today's essay is about the rash of violence overspreading the country related to "rage" such as snow rage, waiting rage, parking rage, etc. It's different news that I send in the Daily Doom digest!

So please, please bookmark the site and send the link to your friends. It is a loving work for me and hopefully will be a blessing ministry to those whom visit. Also spread the word about the Daily Doom digest...:)

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