Thursday, January 15, 2009

A joke about "Change"

In the days of the old French foreign legion, a platoon was out on patrol in the desert of French North Africa for some number of weeks. The mens' uniforms were all filthy and smelling; water was on half rations. Things were bad and morale was crumbling.

Finally, one morning, the commandant announces to the men: "I have good news gentlemen. Today we have a change of uniforms!"

The men were, of course thrilled, and there was a fair bit of celebrating. Until one Legionnaire asked "Where are the uniforms, Commandant?"

"Ah! Francois, you change with Marcel. Marcel, you change with Henrique, Henrique, you change with...."

President Elect Obama ... we will be getting change all right. Or will we?


Anonymous said...

Looks like some folks wasted a ton of money challenging Obama's citizenship and all wasted SCOTUS time. Looks like the inauguration is ON!

Elizabeth Prata said...

Pursuing the truth is never "a waste" of time or money.

The inauguration has nothing to do with the fact that Obama is not constitutionally qualified. The issue will continue. If he wasn't qualified before the inauguration, he is not qualified after. After the swearing-in, though, it makes things more complicated because SCOTUS will have to go back and undo every illegal action, rule, decision, or appointment the illegal President enacted.

Next, there are still three suits. One is coming up from an active Air Force Colonel. His dilemma - is Obama a "qualified" President that he must take orders from or is he "not qualified" and therefore, he is required to legally disobey Obama's orders? Interesting legal question.

Also, there is another conference at SCOTUS this Friday.

Anonymous said...

Once he is inaugurated and in office, none of these suits matter. Just a waste of time, plaintiff's money, and more importantly, a HUGE waste of our tax dollars on frivolity.

Once he's in, he's in. If they can't get SCOTUS do issue a decision before Tueday, game over, Obama wins and is in for good. Considering Sunday and MLK day are holidays, it doesn't look good for the plaintiffs. The countdown has begun! Jan. 20th the Obama era begins!

Elizabeth Prata said...

so by that definition, the police should let a killer go just because he crossed the border? An embezzler should be set free just because he changed jobs? No, the law is the law.

If Obama is not qualified he is not qualified. The constitution is too important to give up on. In my opinion being constitutionally qualified is not a frivolous issue today and the inauguration occurring doesn't make it suddenly frivolous on Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

The lawsuits won't necessarily be frivolous on Wednesday...just irrelevant. Everyone I know is taking off work to celebrate with some serious frivolity! Can't wait. The little people have finally unseated the fat, white, rich war mongers! There are so many Obama inauguration parties I'm just going to have to "party hop" and try to hit 'em all.

Elizabeth Prata said...

Well, have a good time, then. Because the frivolity will not last.

Anonymous said...

Right. MLK Day of Service on Monday = work. Then, Tuesday is Inauguration Party Day = Frivolity Galore! Then Wednesday, you are correct, frivolity doesn't last, frivolity is over. We all wake up united and working with Obama to make the United States great again and a country where ALL people are created equal! Yes we can!

Elizabeth Prata said...

I wonder how long it will be before duped Americans figure out that Obama represents a Third Bush term? LOL, it has started already.

Just keep dancin' around the HopeNchange maypole...

Anonymous said...

Third Bush Term? Are you delusional? Already plans are set to close Guantanamo. All detainess will be afforded basic rights, like the right to challenge your detention before a judge! Obama could do that and nothing else and it would be the furthest thing possible from a third Bush term...not to mention the obvious positive effects of having a black man for President! He's already included more Americans in the political process than Bush did in 8 years...and he isn't even in office! Change is almost here, not because Obama is going to make the change, but because Obama is going to INCLUDE US so we can make the changes!

We won't be dancing around the maypole Monday...We're going to do house repairs and yard cleanup for the elderly on MLK Day of Service. What will you be doing? Complaining about SCOTUS? Praying for earthquakes and disasters? Get on board...Obama represents the largest opportunity for true Christians to make positive changes (healthcare, job creation) that will actually help the sick and impoverished we have ever seen. All Bush did was make his oil buddies and Enron buddies and Saudi buddies and Wall St. buddies and Halliburton buddies even richer. Obama's Presidency is the likely the most historic even we will witness in our lifetimes, and the best opportunity to make lives better for the disenfranchised...we need to make the most of it!

Elizabeth Prata said...

Sure, Gitmo's is going to be closed like right away, because The One said so, and HE would never lie! No not him.

Oh-oh. Maybe not.
Obama axes Gitmo from 100-day list
Correspondents in Washington January 12, 2009, Article from: The Australian--

“BARACK Obama said last night he did not expect to honour his campaign pledge to close the Guantanamo Bay prison camp in his first 100 days in office, but the US president-elect reiterated his vow to shut the facility eventually.” LOL. 'eventually'

CNN: Gitmo closing may take time, Holder says

"Attorney General-designate Eric Holder said Thursday that the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, will be closed after President-elect Obama takes office, but not as soon as the administration would like.”

BushObamaRama Same O Same:
If current trends continue President-Elect Obama is going to screw the far left and far right in this country - and perhaps retain a strong centrist base from which to execute two terms in office. Sound familiar? Bush came in sounding conservative but went centrist. It's a popular place for politicians to hang out. Bush and Obama are saying hello from across the room right now.

Right now Obama is defying many of claims he will govern as an extreme liberal, driving Obama’s far left base insane as they find another centrist democrat ignoring their risky policy schemes.

Examples of BushObamaRama Same O Same:
So far Obama seems to on a same line as Bush line with Iraq, keeping Secretary Gates on board and dumping any talk of a hasty and risky retreat. Big changes there! Like from his earlier position! Why? Because Yes. He. Can.

BushObamaRama Same O Same:
And let’s not forget Obama voted to keep the NSA-FISA surveillance changes Bush put in place after 9-11. Cha-change! Not.

Sure, Obama will “include you” in any changes. ROFL. Just like he’s going to pay Peggy the Moocher’s gas and mortgage. LOL.

I am so glad you are going to help elderly people for a day. You are a way better person than me. Way.

LOL again

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. Guantanamo is closing. You confirmed it. So, this doesn't look like Bush to me.

And EVERYONE is supposed to be doing service on Monday. MLK Day is a Day On...not a day off! So, DO SOMETHING everybody!

It's not that Obama is supposed to go out of his way to "include" us...he is getting out of our way and allowing us to make change, unlike Bush who put "security" blockades in front of almost any idea for change.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, I have found that the best way to get my point across is to refrain from calling the people who I hope to persuade delusional. Just sayin'