Saturday, January 17, 2009

Just for fun!

LOL. Titled "How to create a tsunami in a pool." The photo is perfectly timed. How can you not laugh?

From a site called Wallout: Food for thought

This one is fun too--

Wow this is interesting. from The Newseum site, all you have to do is put your mouse over a city on the map and that city's front page will pop up and you can read the headlines. Cool.

Have you heard? Fish isn't to be called fish any more. PETA says they're sea kittens. "New PETA campaign to rename fish 'sea kittens': In attempt to pressure consumers with guilt, the group wants fish to be rebranded as "sea kittens."

According to "Sea Kitten Facts" on its Web site, fish feel pain and affection, they enjoy being petted and they communicate with one another. "Who could possibly want to put a hook through a sea kitten?" [I would]

Sigh. Sea kittens. OK, but what will the sea monkeys think?

Got a frog in your throat? The Georgia Department of Natural Resources needs your help. Wildlife biologists need volunteers for the annual statewide calling frog survey, which starts Jan. 15. He said the volunteers are needed to help decipher the calls of Georgia’s 31 frog species. The state is setting up baseline data on frogs so scientists can identify population trends. Before they are assigned to one of the preset listening routes, volunteers have to pass an online test of their ability to audibly identify frog species." It's ribbeting work.

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