Friday, January 30, 2009

La di da, it's almost spring

My yard is big and it has a lot of old birdhouses hanging around. I snapped this about ten days ago but the lawn and yard has popped a lot since then with new growth and precursors to spring. I even saw a dandelion next to my doorstep this week!

I watched Annie Hall again last night on Turner Classic Movies. What a funny film that is. It holds up today. My favorite scene of all was the one when Alvy and Annie were standing on line for the movies. Apparently this is the bane of New Yorkers, the lengthy wait to get into any good film is a standard annoyance they expect and put up with. Also annoying is having to listen to blowhards behind you in line pontificating on subjects of which they know nothing. Alvy (Woody Allen) puts up with a guy loudly pontificating for as long as he can and then Alvy breaks into the conversation to tell the guy that he knows nothing about Marshall McLuhan's poetry. The guys retorts that he teaches poetry and literature at Columbia, so Alvy should just shut up. Just then, Alvy brings out McLuhan from behind a movie poster to settle the argument. McLuhan immediately confirms Alvy's pronouncement. "I heard what you were saying. You - you know nothing of my work. How you ever got to teach a course in anything is totally amazing." I laughed so hard I almost missed Allen's next line. Looking directly into the camera, he says, "If only life were like this!"

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Anonymous said...

Chuck looks around at all the snow. Maybe where you live it is almost spring, but it will be May before I can say that :)