Saturday, January 10, 2009

Letting your love flow...toward the Bellamy Brothers

Who knew? The Bellamy Brothers, have produced 49 albums! Their career spans thirty years. Who are the Bellamy Brothers you may ask?

"Just let your love flow" is their signature song, and their resurgence (at least for a new generation) is due to the OK Barclay's Bank ad below.

They have published another CD, titled Jesus Is Coming, a full length gospel album offering a mixture of gospel, blues, and country. They are busy, and actually they sound better than ever. I loved that song when it came out. I was 15 and what does a 15 year old girl think about? Luv.

Ahhh, Hummin' and struttin' thirty three years ago. Man, where does the time go? Well, let your love flow...

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