Tuesday, January 13, 2009

LOL, CNN preparing us for doomsday

They are in the Situation Room. They have a whole room for ... situations!

Ticker says: "New Developments: What to do if doomsday strikes"

They are having a Doomsday Drill called Tabletop that prepares for any manner of attack and leadership is wiped out.

All well & good, considering we are inaugurating a new president and the Capitol makes quite a target. But most amusing is the ticker. As if there is ANYTHING a person could do if doomsday strikes! Except accept Jesus as savior, of course.


Tammy said...

And believe me, Doomsday is coming. The state of our country is just a disaster. You know what bothers me the most? Most people have no clue. I worry that all of the politically ignorant voters that voted in Obama, have no clue what the change is that is coming. I really am afraid for my children and their future. But, I know we must endure the worst....for better things are coming. Jesus Christ is coming!

Elizabeth Prata said...

Yeah, change is coming all right.

But, then Jesus Christ is coming like you say, and then it's better things for all those who believe on His name.!

Tammy said...

Now I am not against Obama....I am just against left wingers....lol. Obama seems like a nice enough man...I just don't agree with anything that comes out of his mouth. I hope he gets a Labradoodle....but he ain't gonna find one at the pound....lol.