Monday, September 22, 2008

You got to do more than just show up

Obama's near- perfect voting record – just showing up – sure did not represent us very well. I am sure there is some excuse, but the Senator could have at least voted in an attempt to represent his constituents.

Obama voted "Present" over 130 times, as reported by the New York Times. Whoa! The NY Times reports it as an an issue. I agree.

For example: "Mr. Obama was also the sole 'present' vote on a bill that easily passed the Senate that would require teaching respect for others in schools. He also voted present on a measure to prohibit sex-related shops from opening near schools or places of worship"

Guiliani said it best, "nearly 130 times he was unable to make a decision yes or no. He simply voted "present. ..And you know, when you're President of the United States, you can't just vote "present." You must make decisions."

Its more than just showing up!


Anonymous said...

John McCain has skipped more votes during this session than any member of the Senate except for Tim Johnson, who had major brain surgery. He has cast a single vote in five months, since April 9.

Elizabeth Prata said...

I went to look it up, and it is true that Sen. McCain missed 412 votes to Obama’s 295. However there is more to the story. Of the votes that McCain showed up for, he actually voted YES or NO. Obama voted PRESENT. Big difference. McCain also did not miss the biggest votes of the session, voting yes or no on those. However, Obama did not show up for even the biggest votes, not voting on all of them.

Also, Sen. Barack Obama has voted with a majority of his Democratic colleagues 96.0% percent of the time, while Sen. John McCain has voted with a majority of his Republican colleagues 88.3% of the time during the current Congress, illustrating his ability to vote his conscience rather than merely for party.

As reported by Washington Post

McCain· Votes: 412 votes missed (64.1%), 231 votes cast

Obama· Votes: 295 votes missed (45.9%), 348 votes cast

As I said, you have to do more than just show up. Obama on cruise control doesn't cut it

Anonymous said...

McCain's economic flip-flopping and Palin's refusal to answer any questions has just given Obama a 10 point lead. What is he thinking?

Not sure who I will vote for yet, but I respect Obama for at least being willing to be "present" for Fridays crucial debate. McCain? Willing to no-show.

Guess there is something to be said for being present. I was willing to consider voting for McCain in 2000. This isn't the same McCain. How are we supposed to use OUR JUDGMENT to decide who to vote for if one candidate can't even be present for the debate?

McCain said the fundamentals of our economy are strong. If they're so strong, why is it now suddenly so weak that he has to run away from the debate to deal with an "economic crisis?" He went from "strong economy" to "crisis economy" in 10 days! Crazy. Not sure I like McCain's "all-in" gambling poker style. It's OK in a campaign I guess, but pretty scary to think he could be gambling with all of our lives in a few months. A president needs to be patient, not impulsive. Reserved, not emotional. Needs to take time and input to make good decisions, not impulsively "gambling from the gut."

Still not sure. The events of the last 10 days have put me leaning Obama's way. If McCain doesn't show up for the debate, I really want have any other option than to vote for Obama. Can't make a decision on a candidate if that candidate doesn't think enough of my opinion and my vote to show up.

Elizabeth Prata said...

I think it’s a little harsh and unwarranted to say he is a no-show. McCain only wanted to postpone. And it was Obama that has refused for so long to speak when McCain has asked. Repeatedly. In June, Sen. John McCain challenged Sen. Barack Obama to join him for a series of 10 town-hall debates, calling for "no process questions from reporters" and "no spin rooms. Obama said, ‘uh, I don’t think so.’ So the credit goes to McCain on that one.

Majority leader Sen. Harry Reid, a democrat, said just the other day, “We need, now, the reps to start producing some votes for us. We need the Republican candidate for president to let us know where he stands on what we should do.” So the next day Sen. McCain suspended his campaign, focused on the issue, called Reid and said, ”Harry, I hope we can sit down together, and act quickly.” But Reid retracted his statement, saying, he didn’t really want McCain involved after all. McCain responded to his constituents, his country, and the Democratic leadership, and he is criticized. Oh, well, that’s the way of it these days. But I admire that even knowing this is likely how it’d turn out, McCain stood.

As for Palin “refusing to answer any questions” I do believe I have seen her for hours on end answering reporters’ questions on network and cable TV pretty well consistently. The New York Times reported recently “Obama tightens control and access” saying, “The campaign on Monday barred cameras from a large gathering of African-American civic leaders Mr. Obama attended. It recently refused to provide names of religious figures with whom Mr. Obama met in Chicago and directed some of them to avoid reporters by using a special exit.” And when she tricks the reporter pool onto a plane and lets it take off with out her, like Obama did, absolutely INFURIATING them all, then they might be even on the transparency question.

Sure there are other options, if you are really dithering about McCain vs. Obama. Ron Paul just endorsed Chuck Baldwin. Vote for him.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I am so disappointed in John McCain. We could have won this election. All he had to do was pick somebody smart and experienced as his VP to shore up his campaign theme of Experience, Good Judgment, and Country First. Instead, he picked maybe the most embarrassing Republican candidate ever. Palin makes Dan Quayle look smart (and that's saying something!). Just watch the Palin interviews with Katie Couric - I'm sure most of America has by now - and that's why McCain's numbers are sinking like a stone. She embarrasses herself in almost every aspect of the interviews. Here's one portion. "Good guys" and the "Bad guys." Never had a passport until last year...are ya kiddin'? Can't even follow Couric's very basic questions. She doesn't have a clue. I'm sure she is good in a small town, but what was McCain thinking taking someone out of Mayberry and expecting her to be able to perform in a huge VP campaign? Really feel sorry for her because it's McCain's fault. All he needed to do was pick Huckabee and we probably win easily. Why, John, Why?