Monday, September 22, 2008

My town is SO small...

I have started using my bicycle more, riding into town to check mail and pick up sundries, rather than firing up the Beast SUV (that I love). I'm only 1/4 mile from the PO so it makes sense that a 10 minute trip into town is more green than a 10 minute ride (traffic light equalizes the ride versus drive).

Friday was a warm but not hot day, and around 4pm I took off for a quick mail pick up. I grabbed my keys, one of which is the PO Box key, the other two being apartment and car, and biked into town. I checked and sorted my mail, then threw it into the bike basket & swung my leg over the Free Spirit and then rode home. End of story.

I deliberately did not use the car Saturday, squashing any and all almost-irresistible impulses to go yard sale-ing for crafty stuff. Sunday morning rolled around and at 9:30, five minutes later than I wanted to leave, I scooped up my bible and reached toward the hook for my keys. Not there!!

Holy Sunday School Director, Batman! I HAVE to be there, I start off the Sunday School at Sanctuary Assembly! I put in a quick call to a friend who lives almost across the street and hitched a ride. On the way in, I remembered where I'd left the keys, The Post Office table where I'd laid them down to sort my mail.

This morning I called the PO and the Postmaster answered. She laughed right away when I said my name, and said, "We were just talking about you! Are your ears burnin'?" Someone had turned in my keys before the PO had closed on Friday. "I put them in your box," she said. They were laughing that I hadn't noticed they were MIA for two and a half days, even more so when I said my car key was one of the missing.

My town is so small, someone was kind and turned them in.
My town is so small the Postmaster noticed my keyring and knew it was mine.

I love Comer.

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