Monday, September 29, 2008

The Power of the People

First, interestingly there were massive protests on Wall Street over the weekend, against the bailout bill. None of the Mainstream Media showed this, that I am aware of. The protesters are saying, "The bailout is b------t! You broke it! You bought it!"

Second, I an encouraged to see that there were so many millions of users tuning in to the website for information on the bill and on the e-mail form page to contact their congressman, that it swamped the site. Millions! I was one of them. I tuned in early and e-mailed Rep Paul Broun to say "NO, please vote against it." Later, when I wanted to send him a thank you, because he did vote against it, the site was swamped. Eventually I just called his Athens office.

House Web site overwhelmed as bailout bill fails

WASHINGTON - The House Web site was overwhelmed Monday as millions of computer users sought information about the financial bailout bill rejected by the House. "We haven't seen this much demand since the 9-11 commission report" was posted on the site in 2004, said Jeff Ventura, spokesman for the House Chief Administrative Officer. "We're being overwhelmed with Web traffic about the bill."

Despite all this, I am hearing the Representatives claim every reason in the book for the bill's failure, except the true one.

Here, as reported by the AP:

"Bush and a host of leading congressional figures had implored the lawmakers to pass the legislation despite howls of protest from their constituents back home."

Finally, one pundit on CNBC asked in absolute perplexity, "Do you think, I mean, do you think it may be because of...local pressure?"

Uh, yes, I do. The people! Despite being silenced by no media coverage, and despite being ignored by the media and often our own Congressmen (usually) THIS time, the people spike, and they were heard.


Anonymous said...

The best part of the big NO from the people? It came from the liberal left and the far right. It also came from real people who don't give a fig what letter (D or R) comes after their reps names. It came from those of us who live within our means. It came from those of us who have struggled with credit in the past and little by little found our footing by working hard. It came from the poor, the middle class, and the upper middle class folks. For once it was the people who spoke, not the lobbyists. Amen to that.

Elizabeth Prata said...

amen to that! Well said.