Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Obama falling to pieces

Beginning of the end?
Obama falling to pieces
Polls show him down and sinking deeper By Paulie

"Having a bounce in the polls is expected for a Presidential candidate after their Party convention. In recent history Democrats such as Michael Dukakis, Al Gore and John Kerry saw heavy surges in the polls after their big events, only to loose on the first Tuesday in November. So deep concerns must of engulfed the Obama campaign when polls showed him receiving no bounce to four points at best."

"The McCain campaign deserves credit for controlling the political conversation after Obama gave his Hollywood style speech. The media discussed his acceptance address for less than 24 hours and then it was time to add "change" to the campaign in the form of GOP Vice President candidate Sarah Palin."

"Since Palin was introduced to America as well as the world, any traction Obama gained had dwindled. Since her speech at the Republican convention and McCain's the next day, the polls began favoring the Arizona senator. Today Obama and his running-mate, you know, whats his name the plagiarism dude, are down in every poll and there is no end to their free fall in sight."

"Making matters worse for the Democratic ticket is their allies in the media are also falling from grace. Obama loyalists Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann have been dropped from anchoring live political events for MSNBC."

And this blogger has a way with words and a correct opinion if I do say so myself.

"She's destroying Obama, who was entirely ripe for the skewering. In any case, Obama is going down, and she's the one doing it to him. Just a couple of particularly choice zings in her big convention speech delivered just the right way about mayors vs. community organizers and styrofoam Greek columns most particularly, and Obama's still flying randomly around the room a week later as the air escapes like a deflating balloon."

"So now Obama is clearly behind McCain for the first time in this campaign, and Obama and his minions are desperate to knock ol' girl down. They haven't been able to lay a glove on her, so now Obama himself is descending from his Olympian perch to spend his precious limited campaign time attacking the other guy's veep."

And even "Barack Obama and his Democratic allies are intensifying their attacks on Sarah Palin as her sustained and surprising central role in this race is upending Obama’s strategy and often overshadowing McCain. But it is very unusual, if not unprecedented, for a vice presidential pick to dominate a campaign in a sustained manner the way Palin has. And there is good reason to believe it won’t end anytime soon."

"Let’s start with the media’s obsession with her. She is a fascinating “first” for the media to dissect: a female Republican vice presidential nominee with celebrity appeal. She is only beginning a string of media interviews — and continues to draw crowds McCain never could. Expect a flood of coverage off her two day interview with ABC’s Charlie Gibson this week."

"The nonpartisan Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism found that between Sept. 1 and 7 Palin was a bigger presence in the news than McCain or Obama. She seems an even hotter topic online, with blogs, gossip sites and media sites exploding with Palin coverage — some of it pretty darn wacky."

No topic is sparking more traffic or reader comment than Palin stories on Politico’s site this past week. As of Tuesday afternoon, 11 of the 12 most-read stories on Huffington Post were about Palin.

Woo-hoo! This is fun! Ain't politics grand

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maggiegracecreates said...

This has been fun to watch, even in my good ol' boy plumber group at work, she has gained prestige. The naming of Ms. Palin as running mate - in the eyes of the working class Americans I know - was a stroke of genius.

Have a wonderful day.