Monday, September 08, 2008

Sunday evening to and from church

On the way to church Sunday evening I noticed the object by the side of the road. At first it didn't compute. Was it a child's toy? A plastic doorstop? No it's an armadillo, toes up! I did a quick bit of research and found that armadillos have indeed invaded the northern reaches of Georgia, above the gnat line, southern Illinois, even the Pacific Northwest. Their name means 'little armored thing' in Spanish. Well, I'll be armadilloed!

The gentle and still evening brought out the ultralight aviators. They took off from the field along Rt 98 and were buzzing around near Paoli Junction. I stopped by the side of the road to watch and enjoy. What a nice night it was for them!

I just like the water tower. This one's for Madison County

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