Monday, September 22, 2008

Obama lost without a teleprompter; Palin never missed a beat

When Obamas's teleprompter quit, all his mental synapses failed too, he stuttered and stammered his way through the speech, finally halting until the prompter was fixed. Watch the one minute clip below.

On the other hand, when Gov. Palin's teleprompter malfunctioned during her speech at the Republican National Convention, she continued with out missing a beat, as reported by both Fox and MSNBC.


Anonymous said...

Surely a journalist as yourself would have fact checked this ditty. Her t-p did not break. They are both tired, very tired.

Either could stutter for all I care. Oratorical skills are the least of my concerns for this country.

Anonymous said...

It's worth it to look at your link. There is a huge difference between somebody leaving a blog comment and saying "AS REPORTED BY MSNBC." This is been de-bunked by MSNBC.

Elizabeth Prata said...

Hello and thank you for commenting. A journalist such as myself did check the links. Yes it really occurred. No it hasn't been debunked. I did not write that her teleprompter broke. I wrote that it malfunctioned. Guiliani's did too, that evening.

Oratorical skills, yes, they hold a minor place. However, it was the stunning fact that without the prompter, Obama couldn't think, NOR could he speak, that was shocking - if you watched the clip.