Thursday, January 31, 2008

Unearthing an old notebook

I found an old notebook of observations I'd jotted down on some of my trips.

At the Chelsea Hostel in NYC, a sign taped above the toilet: "Please do not discharge anything into the toilet except toilet paper." Hmmm, I'm still crossing my legs.

A sign on a nice building: "Beech Block: Artist in Residence at this Address." Is it a zoo? Can we feed it?

In Lubec Maine: "I like the Italian people, I just got back from NYC. The Gambino wedding. My uncle was their tax attorney." Back away slowly...

"The only bookstore in Washington County!" How sad to bill yourself as such.

An elderly man was zipping along the main street of a small, coastal Maine town on a riding lawnmower. It had a crate rigged on the hood containing spare oil and a book, his walking cane, and an American flag. Pasted along the side was a bumper sticker touting WMYX 91.9, and hung crookedly on the taillight was a wooden sign stating "Beware of Dog." Worked for him.

From a court decision involving Pete Seeger: "We are not inclined to disagree with his opinion even thought he is unworthy of our respect."

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