Monday, January 07, 2008

New big word for the day

Crepuscular, and if you go here, you will see it illustrated so beautifully on Harold Davis's photo blog.

Nothing much else happening, I had a tossing and turning night's sleep so I'm dragging still, at 9:44 in the AM, with the second cup of coffee clutched in my hands and bleary eyes just starting to function.

It's sunny and warm now, and yesterday was gorgeous! In the 70s, and a perfect night to light the church luminaries. We do this at Christmas but each of the last three Sundays have been either too rainy or to windy. Last night was perfect.

If I feel halfway intelligent later I might blog again. Do I get points on the blog365 challenge if I do it 366 times? ;)

Check Harold's blog, his photos are truly beautiful.

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