Thursday, January 17, 2008

The great 2005 index card watercolor experiment

I was in Venice Florida in January 2005, and as usual took the opportunity to indulge in some art and craft. My habit is to bring only one piece of carry-on luggage, so any art I created had to be small in order to have room to bring back. So I bought a pack of index cards, a kids' watercolor set, and set myself a challenge of seeing how many creative scenes could I paint using the same small space. How different would they be? How alike? Would I run out of ideas?

I had totally forgotten about this experiment until I re-organized my bookcase, the one with my handmade books on it. I had fun looking at them. The actual skill level is no great shakes but it's a start. So here are the results, in 6 sets. This and the next 5 posts will be a watercolor art show!


maggiegracecreates said...

I really like the last one.

Elizabeth Prata said...

thanks, Teresa! I put them in the order in which they were painted, so by the last one I achieved somewhat close to what I was going for.