Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Autobiography in a few words or less

So my blogging friends are writing more about themselves. One of them asked (begged) for more information from all her friends so she could use the info as a benchmark for normal and go from there. Ha! A futile effort! LOL!

About me: I am a writer living in a two-room studio apartment. I work here all day except for Wednesdays, when I volunteer at an after school Bible program and Wed nights when I teach Bible to kids. Thursdays I have a meeting at church. On Sundays I open the Sunday School with a short devotional. The rest of the time during the days is my own.

I spend it studying, writing, playing with my cats, driving around the county taking photos or visiting some of my elderly friends. Sometimes I make collages that aren't very good. Hey, you know, it's easier telling about what I do than about who I am. I'm not sure if I like this.

I am very organized. I make lists of what to do during the day and I feel an enormous satisfaction as I cross each one off. If I do an extra thing I add it to the list just so I can cross it off. I don't buy any groceries that aren't on my list. I rarely spend money on spontaneous splurges and if I do buy something it's sure as heck gonna be practical. For ten years in a row I asked for socks for Christmas. And meant it.

I love deeply but infrequently. Put another way, I love infrequently but deeply. I admire and cherish children, who are usually better people than people. I am easily moved but private about it. A beautifully written Psalm, a sunset, or soaring bird equally might bring tears to my eyes. I am a bible thumping Fundy who believes the Rapture is coming any minute. And that will be a huge relief, if you ask me, because lying, hypocrisy and injustice are barely tolerable for my tender heart to bear. God is very real and Jesus is the only way to heaven.

I am afraid of Sea Monkeys. They freak me out. And the box is too garish. I do not have children of my own and never regretted that for a moment. Being child-free has allowed me to travel the world, engage in my careers of choice, and move to Georgia when I got tired of Maine winters. I like blogging.

As a writer it's a good outlet. It is harder to write short than long, you know. Tighter writing is harder to do, and I have a dear friend who is a champion at writing incredible short pieces. I wish she wrote more. I had another friend who could imitate the Geico gecko to the T but make him sound very dirty. He made me laugh a lot.

I rescued two kittens and they are the light of my life. They wake me up in the morning and all day long they are so cute and loving. They're great. I've worn glasses since 7th grade and I'm not interested in wearing contacts. I am not a fashion freak but usually look nice. My hair, all grown out of the fake color, is now silver and I am getting quite a few compliments on it. I'm always on time, never lose my keys, everything is always put back in its spot and once I place the furniture in my home that is the way it stays until I die. I'm not so much a fan of change.
Left, a not-very-good-collage. Title: Navigating Spiritual Waters


maggiegracecreates said...

Apparently I am not normal. I lose my keys pretty regularly. But that could be because the other residents of my house seem to move them just for me.

Thanks for playing along.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it wonderful to experience the Freedom of 'Being Ourself' and being Happy with what we see!! YOU are a beautiful 'Silver Fox', Elizabeth; and finding The Lord ... well, you will continue to 'Reap Blessings' that will fullfil your life, always! Glad You are Happy!