Monday, January 07, 2008

A Most Pernicious Form of Tyranny

I just discovered that the federal income tax system has no law making liable those whom fail to file. That the tax system is an "understood" and "well accepted" system that actually has NO basis in law. That the IRS is an illegal entity. That forcing citizens to pay, direct unapportioned tax on their labor is banned according to the 16th amendment of the Constitution, as well as two Supreme Court decisions (1894 and 1913) that 16th Amendment gave the US Government no new taxing power to any new subjects. In other words it it wasn't taxable before the 16th it wasn't taxable after the 16th. The IRS Code is being enforced in violation of the many Supreme Court decisions.

Thanks to Andrew Russo's film: "Freedom to Fascism", found on Google videos.
Go here, for more

WATCH THIS. It is well-researched and grounded in reality. An eye-opener.

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