Friday, January 18, 2008

Buddha: Bird Flu outbreak "alarming"

"It is alarming, but not yet time for panic. Therefore I have also alerted police to intervene so that in these affected areas there will be no movement of birds or marketing of birds. We will also kill birds within a radius of 5-10 kms of the affected area."

I am soooo sure the government will alert us when it IS time to panic, right? If there is a hierarchy of scare levels, like in the US with colors, it might go something like this--

Level 1: Dead Calm with snoring
Level 2: Slight arousal
Level 3: Something's up, I can smell it in the wind
Level 4: I hear bells, alarm, Will Robinson!
Level 5: Now is the time to panic!! Say this thru a megaphone while standing through the sunroof of a Humvee.

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