Thursday, January 17, 2008

Taking a bite out of Jesus

It's snowing and sleeting here and raining but I am tucked in with coffee and my laptop and writing, writing, writing. In Good News club we had 6 little girls respond to the Invitation for Jesus. We counsel them, and determine if they are just saying the words or really understand the concepts. You know, if they are ready. So I ask, "What is sin?"

Little first grade girl: "It's like when someone bites you? And you bite them back, really really hard."

Have a good day all.


christie said...

Kids are great that way, aren't they? My friend was teaching her kid to blow bubbles. She would squat down next to her daughter holding the little wand and blow to show her how it was done. Her little girl got the wand and tried to blow but it didn't work because the wand was too far away from her face. My friend took the wand back and went through the steps again very slowly. Her daughter watched closely and came to the conclusion that her mom was successful at bubble blowing because she was squatting. Every time she tried after that, she'd squat. How cute is that? (I think she was around 1-11/2 yrs old at the time.)

Elizabeth Prata said...

LOL! Kids are amazing. mIt's going to be great watching Henry grow. He's even smiling now!