Friday, February 01, 2008

a rat is still a rat

Everyone went ga-ga for the newest animated Disney movie, Ratatouille so I put it in my Netflix queue and waited for Mr. Friendly Postman to deliver it to my box. It's the story of a rat who has an extraordinarily developed sense of smel and taste, and longs to be a chef. He finds himself in Paris at a famous three star restaurant, and like Cyrano De Bergerac, helps a human young cook by hiding in the chef hat and delivering cooking instructions. Everyone goes ga-ga over Remy the Rat's recipes, and the day is won.

What was I thinking?!

After twenty minutes, I realized that I was grossed out. I mean...a rat in a kitchen? This is not cute.

Here is what James Berardinelli the movie critic said:

"Flushed Away had no difficulty using rats as main characters, largely because they looked much like human beings with a lot of hair. Ratatouille provides us with rodents that, while not lifelike, are close enough that it could give some phobic viewers a moment's pause. Since this is Disney, the film emphasizes the creatures' "cute" aspects - a round pink nose and wide, innocent eyes - but there's no mistaking what they are. Ultimately, it's a lot easier to think about cuddling up next to a penguin than a rat. This is one instance in which the realism of CGI may not be an asset."

Indeed. A very real-looking rat in a kitchen, among food, and pots, and, and...[shudder]. Let's just say this was an ill considered movie choice.

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christie said...

But it's a rat that loves stinky cheese!