Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Plastic sea of the North Pacific Gyre

As I glance around the beautiful rolling, rural Northeast Georgia hills, I read that a huge garbage swamp has been discovered in the Pacific ocean. Swirling between the west coast and Japan, and twice the size of Texas, the dump includes toxins, decaying skeletons and tons and tons of plastic. How low can we go? Photo: I snapped this leaving Miami at sunrise, headed to the Bahamas. The ocean is so precious to me...

I voted early! On Friday, I walked in to the small room where four electronic voting booths were set up no lines-no waiting, (after presenting my photo ID and then receiving a card to slide into the electronic both) and cast my ballot for President. There was one local issue, regarding special county taxes for special projects. Four years later, this is still funny . Do you ever get the creepy feeling that it's all a big sham?

I watched The Closer's pilot episode last night. What a great show, one of my favorites. The first season was excellent. The second season was good. Sadly, in my opinion, he third season was only so-so. It was good to go back and revisit Brenda's roots in her first appearance.

It's a nice day here today, supposed to be 70 degrees. I think I'll take my camera to the park and see what's what. And tonight, wait for election returns.

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