Friday, February 15, 2008

Doom: what's your apocalypse tolerance?

A comedy show, taking a madcap look at what we are facing these days

...McKeag isn't just kidding when he tells us the end of the world is nigh, our days are numbered and that we'd better get ready. But he's also gone a step further by asking how bad things have to get before we individually decide we've got no choice but to pack up and leave. Think stuff like SARS, the Kelowna forest fires, Iraq and Iran, solar flares and their connection to hurricanes and tsunamis, looming pandemics, drug-resistant bugs, terrorism, climate change, impending economic collapse, water shortages,... you name it -- and you begin to get the picture, McKeag says."

Bees dying, bats dropping, oceans gasping, ice melting, jellyfish exploding, food shortaging, hospitals filling, satellites falling, dollar devaluing, people shooting, seeds banking, earth drying...I could go on here. But I think it's obvious...things are bad.

chart caption: "But for systemic intervention and manipulations by the Federal Reserve, it appears we might be contemplating a collapsed U.S. banking system and a looming deflationary great depression that could have dwarfed the bad times of the 1930s." Pardon me, but isn't it a good idea for the Federal Reserve to actually have some cash...on reserve? Living on borrowed money means the economy is living on borrowed time. What's the FDIC response? Post new rules on
"Processing Deposit Accounts in a Bank Failure." Have you stuffed your mattress yet?

And what's with food lately? Hmmm, glad they thought ahead and created the Svalbard Seed Bank, so at least some folks will have food. Later. When there isn't any.

Food prices spiraling upward
Bulgaria faces massive grain shortage
Food shortage in Venezuela
Nepal: Household Food Stocks Down to Half in 38 Districts
Food inflation surges by 18 percent in January
China scrambles to ensure food supplies after snow
Vietnam: Severe cold affects rice crops, cattle in the north
Food is an issue worldwide
And in Haiti...they are eating mud

So what's a happy-go-lucky Georgia gal to do? First, accept Jesus as payment for our sins, the only hope for this life and for eternity. Then, being a pragmatic doomsayer, use the rapidly devaluing dollar to buy real items. Commodities Now! Things that will be useful in the short term and in the mid-term. Things I would likely buy anyway, but would be more expensive later because the dollar will not be worth much: a kerosene lamp or two (with extra wicks,) a new two burner propane Coleman InstaStart stove, thanks to ebay, food in cans, bulk grains, and dried food thanks to the Dollar Store, a sturdy used mountain bike needing no repairs, a pump, and a lock thanks to the local thrift shop, draw water, get the first aid kit ready.

Christians will be saved from the day of wrath but goodness, things are already pretty bad and likely to get worse, and we haven't been raptured yet. Remember how fast society crumbled after Katrina? How cold 46,000 folks got in Grand Junction last night? Or the 80,000 total in Maine? The end times are happening now. So here we go:

Repent! The end is near.


christie said...

Have you read Cormac McCarthy's book The Road? There is some event, presumably nuclear given the language used, that pretty much decimates everything and folks are wondering around in search of what food can be found since crops no longer grow and livestock has been killed. Anyway, since reading it I keep having these moments where I consider what we have in the medicine cabinet or the pantry and then I run it through in my head what sort of injury/sickness I could withstand or how long I could go without leaving the house for food/water given my current staples. How crazy is that?

Elizabeth Prata said...

I haven't read "The Road" but I like Cormac McCarthy. I'll check it out. I was reading about our power supply, electricity specifically. A transformer in OR was ablaze a few months ago, and just like that, 50,000 people were withour power in the Beaverton-Portland area. Now, if you live in a city, esp. a high rise, and depend on electricity for the subway, the elevator, the fridge, heat, doesn't take a genius to see that we all would be in serious condition if the outage continued for more than a few days.

Or the folks in Maine this week, 80,000 lost power in heavy snow and ice ... the 66,000 in the Midwest who lost power due to storms...and the next step is to wonder how long would it take for civilization to break down...think looters after Katrina.

So, I am asking myself, what is my doom tolerance...but while I'm thinking, I'm buying supplies.

Christie said...

The Trigger Effect is a bad movie that plays on this theme. Something causes the power to go out and within days civilization starts to break down as everyone panics.

No Police State Girl said...

Very interesting article. The bats dying led me to your page. Everything you write about in the world unfortunatley sounds true. And I agree when you write, repent.

Anonymous said...

This World of ours is most definitely in drastic need of improvement. The problems we are facing are due to man's weakness of flesh, the desire for 'instant gratification' and a long list of Bad 'Free Will' Choices! God, on the other hand, is Not fooled; and has Everything In Control. At the appropriate time {HIS time, Not ours} there will be an awakening beyond comprehension. In the meantime, I trust My Lord and Saviour with all my Heart...HE WILL 'Make things right'!! Believe!