Friday, February 22, 2008

Are we that shallow?

"Perhaps the nation will see some baby "Baracks" arriving over the next few months no matter who wins the presidential election. Sen. Barack Obama's name brand recognition has much currency these days as Americans mull over the appeal of the Illinois Democrat's name for their own precious offspring. Barack has been crowned Name of the Year by Laura Wattenberg, creator of Baby Name Wizard, a popular online trend-tracking tool for parents-to-be at, offering instant advice in the crucial baby-name derby."

Oh, ick. Are we that shallow?

On the upside, I notice the cavemen are being televised again on the Geico ad rotation. I am thrilled. The one about the caveman and the therapist still makes me laugh. Someone has taken the time to compile all the Geico Cavemen commercials into one two-minute vid. Yay!

Oops, I guess I answered my own question...didn't I? ;)

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