Wednesday, February 06, 2008

This is an hour from my day. Starting with a bird, ending with a bird

Midday in Comer yesterday I headed to the Dollar Store for cat food and milk. Trying to find milk that costs less than $6. I am not kidding. It was that much at Wal-Mart.

On the way: A buzzard having lunch. Animals abound here. Thus, roadkill is ubiquitous. So are buzzards having a free lunch.

Parking: Where's that truck been? On a red dirt road.

Inside the store. This is not my photo. This photo is not of the Dollar Store. But it is representative. Lots of empty shelves. For the third day in a row... still waiting for cat food.

Back home, my normally peaceful abode was pierced as the landlord encouraged her two doggies (in increasing decibels) to pee here. "On the grass. Gilley. Here. Gil-leyyyy! HERE, ON THE GRASS! COMMMME HERE!!!!!!!!!! GRACE CUT IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!" Gilley still peed on the gravel. She only came to investigate after she did her business, wagging tail the whole time.

All is peaceful again. Even the birdies came back to my feeder. Here is a cunning l'il one with a sunflower seed in his mouth. Tweet!

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