Sunday, September 13, 2009

Thank you patriots!

Thank you to all who attended the rally in the nation's capitol yesterday. Estimates for attendance run from a million to two million to 2.2 million as per Capitol police estimates, to simply, "massive." (MSNBC) I am thrilled that so many with so much to say did so thanks to our constitutional right to peaceably assemble, and peacefully and used their constitutional right to free speech to make their concerns and praises known. “The liberals have managed to convince people that their ideas are mainstream, when in fact, they are not.” We truly live in a great country where over a million can gather to say just that. Even more than Obama's inauguration!


Elizabeth Prata said...

it only took 7 months for the largest gathering in DC's history, Obama's inauguration, 1.8M to be surpassed by the largest gathering in DC's history, 2.2M, protesting against everything he stands for.


Elizabeth Prata said...

a good article on how to estimate crowd size at the Tea Rally March

upshot: 900,000 to 1,5M