Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Obama eligibility issue goes to trial! (Updated)

The motions opened at 8 am today (9-8-09) in Orange County court in Santa Ana, and Justice Carter recessed the court at 12.30 PST. He ordered a trial!!!!!! However, there are a few hurdles to be mounted before the tentative trial date of January 26, 2010 arrives.

His rulings were as follows:

Defense's Motion to Dismiss to be heard 10/5/09. Carter indicted only a very strong compelling reason would move him to dismiss at this point. He will review the defense's 9/4/09 Motion to dismiss, but he said he wants to hear the case on its merits. Discovery to be ordered 10/5/09 if Motion to dismiss is thrown out.

1/11/10 Pre Trial Set- procedural for other motions, depositions, scheduling, etc

1/26/10 Trial Date Set- Earliest available date for Justice Carter.

In other words, if the case survives motion to dismiss and discovery is ordered, EVERYTHING gets opened; his school records, finances, birth certificates, everything. And there is a very good shot that discovery will be ordered, because the only thing between discovery and dismissal is the Judge's strong statement that he wants to hear the case on its merits.

Pray for the judge, for Orly Taitz, for the other defendants, and for the Constitution to be upheld. Mostly, pray for the Lord's will to be done. This is great news indeed.

More information here

An eyewitness report (favorable to DOJ but still interesting) here

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