Friday, September 25, 2009

Corner View: Out the Car Window

Jane over at Spain Daily has a thing going, "Corner View." Each week she issues a theme and we all write about it. Check out her latest Corner View here. The theme this week is "Out my Car Window." Usually the entries go up on Wednesdays but since I just got in on this I am doing this week's theme two days later...hope that's OK.

Lots of cows round these here parts.


Dinner for a turkey buzzard. I took this out my front window while driving, one eye on the bird and the other on the yellow lines.

Some Sundays I get caught by the train on the way to church and have to wait a while.

Leeks on a mower.
An old store from days gone by. Nice front door.
The end!


Jodi said...

Oh i loved your pictures and am looking forward to the rest of your posts. thanks for joining CV.

Elizabeth Prata said...

thank you for stopping by Jodi! I am off the check out your blog...

Kari said...

Great pictures. I like the buffaloes and the road kill is interesting. You did a good job with that picture.
Depicts the circle of life, huh.

Elizabeth Prata said...

thanks Kari! That buzzard didn't move till I was almost on top of him