Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday errands: library, garden stand, and then a good lunch

I went to the library and renewed "Premonition" about a modern Jewish couple who accidentally time travels to Jerusalem in AD 57. So, they know what is going to happen ... to Stephen, to the Temple ... and wrestle with ethics of, should they tell? Also, the latest from No. 1 Detective Agency, "Tea Time for Traditionally Built." LOL, I'd get it for the title alone.

I am sauteing some fresh veggies from the farm stand and will have that for lunch along with cantaloupe. I plan to read this afternoon, and then later, study up on two curricula. One of them is my Good News Club lesson. We plan to start the Club this Monday. Good News Club is an after-school club in the schools where children (with parental permission) come weekly to learn bible stories. This semester's lesson is Genesis, the Creation. LOL, I get to teach creation in the public schools! The second curriculum is the Wednesday night church lesson for kids. We are doing Pioneer Club. This is a
midweek club program to evangelize and disciple children and teens from 2 to 18. I have the 6 and 7 year olds this year. So I need to prepare for these two lessons especially since both are the kickoff lesson and there will be a lot going on, such as new kids coming, learning names, and establishing routines..

You know, I listened to a few minutes of Hannity last night. Not a lot, I can't take news by the time Friday night comes, too brash and grating on my ears, which by that time, is lonign for peace and quiet. But I did hear a few minutes and it was a good few minutes. Ann Coulter was talking about the Joe Wilson 'You lie!" outburst. (link is to video, skip to 6:00) She said that originally when the President spoke to both houses of Congress, there was NO reaction from the Congressmen when listening to the President. No applause, no standing ovations, no shouting or yelling praise OR condemnation. Zip. Nada. You sat there, you listened, you applauded politely at the conclusion, and then you left.

Her point was not to say specifically that yelling "you lie" is a good thing, but that if the Democrats are allowed emotional reactions that interrupt the president, such as lengthy applause and standing ovations, do they expect the Republicans therefore to sit there mutely? With no reactions of their own? "You shouldn't have an audience where only one side is allowed a response." Hmmm. I think that is a double standard.

So, my veggies are done and I am going to eat and read and then study. Sounds like a good day to me!

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