Friday, March 20, 2009

Kindergartener cutie pies

I spent the week substitute teaching in the kindergarten wing of the local elementary school.

The story lady came in and did a lesson on "Spring." The story went through showing the tools that people use to do heavy spring tasks. When the story concluded, the story lady asked who does spring cleaning type things, and after the kids responded, she said that she and her husband cleaned their house of unwanted furniture and they were planning to have a garage sale.
A boy shoots his hand up. "You're selling your garage??"

Then the talk turned to gardens. A boy says, "My daddy is thinking of putting in corn this year."
Boy next to him, "Coins?"
"No, corn."
"I'd rather have the coins."

Story lady sadly says that they would like to have a garden, but the deer eats up all the vegetables.
Boy: "Why can't you just go to the grocery store and buy some?"

Grammar lesson ensues. Story lady asks kids, "What is this at the end?" [?]
Boy: "An emotion mark!"

And people ask me how I like substituting! LOL


Tammy said...

I absolutely LOVE kindergarten. My next favorite age is 3. They are so adorable and outspoken. I remember having a disussion with our three year old...and I was pouring her a glass of milk. We were talking about how it was good for her. I sat it on the table and is your moo juice. She looked at me and said that is MILK. So I asked her where milk comes from....thinking she would say a cow...but no....she adamantly replies...FROM THE KITCHEN,

Elizabeth Prata said...

LOL, good one!