Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A quiet day

We had no school again. Though the staff had to show up, the students didn't. That means substitute teachers stay home too! The night before a day I know I will not be working, I often stay up late. That means midnight instead of eleven o'clock. That one hour seems to make a huge difference. I can't get along as well on 6 and a half hours of sleep as I can seven or seven and a half. So I feel guilty like a kid, sneaking, when I stay up later!

left, we are almost back to this, blooming flowers we had the week before this snowfall that downed poles and crushed roofs.

Boston Legal was on last night and I truly enjoy the writing on that show. It makes me laugh out loud. In one scene, Alan Shore is at a bar with his girlfriend, and a neanderthal looking guy approaches her when she is alone for a moment. Alan steps in, and says, "I saw her talking with a tree, and I'm an arborist, so I thought I'd help translate." Enjoyable television at its best. So of course it was canceled this season.

This morning dawned clear and sunny. The rapidly melting snow is making a racket on my metal awning shutters in a comforting way. For breakfast I boiled two eggs and toasted wheat bread, hard. I peel the eggs, and mash them over the hard toasted bread, and top with pepper and salt. I love that breakfast. It seems to satisfy all my meal delights: the warm eggs, the lively bread texture, the salt. Mmm. Coffee by my side of course, and I set off on cleaning up the apartment.

Not that it needed it, I am clean and neat by nature. But I put away the dried dishes, cleaned out the kitty litter, made the bed, fluffed the sofa pillows. When I walk into each room I like seeing things neat and orderly. It comforts me. Maybe it is a latent response to the disarray in my childhood home growing up. As for work life, there are some teachers who are simply a pleasure to sub for, because their rooms are clean and you can find all the teachers' manuals and papers. And it seems the neat teachers' rooms have the most orderly kids, too. Hmmm, a connection there. ;) I like neatness, anyway.

I have a job for tomorrow and Friday so today is the last day to get caught up from the storm damages and missed work. I went over to an elderly friends' house again and shoveled the ice build-up and mopped the defrosting fridge water on the floor etc. There are still many without power! I am lucky to have it back.

Well I got a call, and my elderly friend is in the hospital. I knew it was coming, she has been failing lately, being 83 years old with heart and kidney trouble. I pray for her now.

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