Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pastoral Sunday sunset

At sunset, some pics of my blooming backyard

Birds on the wires.

My favorite scene. The backyard is full of birdhouses, and at first I did not know they were used. But they are, no vacancies here!

Here is a close-up detail of birdhouse featured above. Well used.

Blossoms in the sun.

Bird happily singing. There are SO MANY on the property, it is such a pleasure to raise the windows at sunset and listen. Just listen.

Bird bath. I will endeavor to keep them filled. There are several on the property. We have bird houses, bird baths, and trees and shrubs, many of them flowering. I am glad there is no "yard art" or other ornamentation.


Anonymous said...

Love your pics!!


Elizabeth Prata said...

thanks Chuck!!!