Monday, March 30, 2009

First day of spring break!

It's spring break around there here parts, we have a week off from school. The weekend was rainy and thunder-y, so today's sun and warmth is the first real spring-like day we've had. I took advantage of the sun to hang out the laundry, including the bedspreads and other heavy items. They look so nice fluttering in the sunny breeze and they will feel good later when I put the living room and the bedroom back together and lay down on fluffy sheets or a comfy throw from the couch.

I also took advantage of the day to catch up on chores: dishes, laundry, vacuuming, clean litter box, errands (new slip for under the Easter dress), and haircut. A $7 haircut at Miss Willie's don't ya know. It came out good.

Chores done, (almost) I will take advantage of the rest of my energy to create this year's Peeps Tableau. Last year's was successful I think but 2007's Peeps Town was completely charming and I liked how it came out better than 2008's. I will try to be a little more creative this year...

The paycheck will be a little thin at the end of the month but I do enjoy having a few days to catch up on things and then to do other things I rarely have time for during the week: reading, collage-making, and just plain silly playing with Peeps. Lest you think my fascination with Peeps art is a lone and individually eccentric passion, o, ye of little knowledge! Take a look here or here or here or here.

Now you know!

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