Monday, March 02, 2009

Scenes from the Georgia snowstorm

This turned out to be a legitimate snowstorm. We got 5 inches! That is a lot by any standard, but down south where they don't plow, it's a LOT.

I had just returned from church at 12:30 and spent the next few hours inside from the sleety rain happily making apple crisp, butternut squash soup, rice with vegetables, brussels sprouts and green beans. About an hour after I got home it started to snow, and it came down fast to beat the band. I was in the middle of baking the crisp when the power went out. Bummer!

I did jump in my truck and scooted over to a couple of elderly ladies homes who live alone. I brought water with me since they were on a well, and made sure they had enough candles. I knew both had gas heat so at least they would be warm.

The power stayed out until 3:15 am, stayed on for a few minutes, and went off again until 4:30 am. Twelve hours without power. I am glad I have gas heat so I was warm, and had plenty of candles so I read for a good while.

Now it's the day after and it's pretty and all that but snow snow go away come again another...never.

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