Saturday, March 28, 2009

My cats went bananas so I went to see

what they were so hopped up about.

I have a wrought iron hanging shelf right next to my door, where I put pots of flowers in spring and summer to adorn the entry. I had not known that this little bird had decided to make use of the currently empty shelf. He is about one foot away from eye level at the door, and my cats (well, Luke anyway) sit on the tall shelf inside the door and look at this bird on the shelf outside the door.

Here, I snuck open the front door and amazingly the li'l bird didn't budge.

He finally did after the flash startled him, flying to the dogwood across the way and presenting his back to me.

Evidently deciding it was safer to huddle under the eave of the higher part of the roof a ways away, he stayed there for a few minutes pondering his next move.

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