Monday, March 16, 2009

Small things

Moonset over pastures, 7am, Monday.

I was driving in traffic and the moon was going down fast so I didn't have time to fiddle with the settings. It was so pretty in RL, though. Huge and pink and the sky deep blue-purple and the pastures vibrant green in recent rain.

I have been musing about the little things in my life. Little things that make my life easier, even pleasurable.


I have been searching for a good thermos for a long time, and two years ago I found one. It is a simple thing, with Suminagashi looking flowers adorning the outside. No sleek steel for me. The lip is the all-important part. It must not leak. It must close securely. It must stay tight. This thermos, I can flip the lip opening with my thumb yet it snaps closed so that even if it falls on its side it will not leak. It must fit in my vehicle's beverage holder. And finally, it must hold enough coffee to satisfy, and it must keep the coffee hot. I bought this one at Borders two years ago for $6. It was the best $6 I ever spent.


I put a great deal of stock in bookmarks. I read a lot and the mark comes in handy, as you know, LOL, to keep the place. I hate having to search for where I left off. The bookmark must be sturdy but not so heavy it falls out of paperback with ease. It must not be so flimsy that constant shuffling of the bookmark from page to page will wear it unnecessarily. It may or may not have a ribbon, either is fine. It must be attractive. I do not like unattractive things in my home, even the small things.

It must not be utilitarian, the small but important area a bookmark occupies, under my eye, is a perfect palette for art. Why have a plain piece of paper when you can have art?

A second grader made me a bookmark last week. A great deal of care was taken with its construction, decoration, and giving. I love it. This bookmark is perfect. It meets all the above criteria. Even if it hadn't, it still would have been perfect. It was made by a child and given in love. There is nothing better.

Adding up a morning moonset, a thermos of coffee and a quiet read, and you pretty much have perfection.

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