Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Peeps tableau 2008

Shepeeperds at the birth of Jesus.

This Sunday is Easter Sunday. Jesus rose from the dead, walked on the earth 40 days preaching and teaching, and then ascended to heaven so that the Holy Spirit could descend and fill all the believers! Very cool.

Other (better) Peeps dioramas. My favorite is #10, "Rosslyn Metro Station, Friday 5 p.m."


Anonymous said...

Love the peeps! and glad you got yellow. the pink ones freak me out for some reason.

That would be funny photo for April fools day, having a council peep tableau. (Okay, folks from Gray who have found this blog and you know who you are... I would never put that in the paper)


Elizabeth Prata said...

the original are the best! I love it, a council Peeps diorama. Hee hee. I can have some imaginary fun with that.

Did you glance at the ones from the link to Washington Post? They are great. Though I think it takes away to go to full blown and create too many costumes etc. Like adding pipe cleaners for legs. Streamlined is more creative.

Anonymous said...

I'll have to find the pic I saw of peeps dancing at a strip club. It was called a Peep Show ;)