Saturday, March 08, 2008

biased news writing

I got bored with the spoon thing. But I do love that wooden spoonatula.

Anyway, I read this from the AP, one news organization I had a scrap of respect left for:

"CASPER, Wyo. (AP) - Sen. Barack Obama captured the Wyoming Democratic caucuses Saturday, seizing a bit of momentum in the close, hard-fought race with rival Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton for the party's presidential nomination."

Huh? Is this guy following the same race we are? I am not an Obama fan, but I understand that he raised more money than Hillary several months running, and beat her in primary races 12 times in a row (including overseas). They came close in two, Obama losing by squeakers, and then won another, Wyoming. And the writer calls that 'a bit of momentum'?

Then he wrote:

"Clinton, buoyed by big wins in Ohio and Texas last Tuesday..."

Clinton won the Ohio primary 54.3 percent to Mr. Obama’s 44 percent, and she took the Texas vote with 50.9 percent to 47.4 percent. Big is as big does. In S. Carolina, Obama win over Clinton 55 percent to 27 percent.

Here are the lead sentences from several other news outlets, reporting the Wyoming primary, in a comparison exercise I always find interesting:

Washington Post:

Barack Obama today defeated Hillary Rodham Clinton in the Wyoming Democratic presidential caucuses, a victory that comes just four days after he fell short in Ohio and Texas.

The Nation:

The head not-so-very-good week ended on an up note with another big win in western caucus state. Wyoming caucuses attracted what Democratic activists across the state described as "huge" crowds and gave the Illinois senator an easy win over New York Senator Hillary Clinton, whose Tuesday wins in Ohio, Texas and Rhode Island upset Obama's momentum in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination.

The Times of India:

CASPER (WYOMING): Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama won caucuses in Wyoming on Saturday over rival Hillary Clinton by a wide margin, US media reported.

ABC News of Australia:

US Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama has beaten rival Hillary Clinton by a wide margin in caucuses in Wyoming. With 91 per cent of the vote counted Senator Obama was leading the former first lady 58 to 41 per cent.


Anonymous said...

Last night I had a thought for a weekly newspaper: Community Questions.

For two weeks the paper takes questions from the public that they would like asked of one public official. The paper can add or subtract of course but then asks the questions and prints the questions and answers in the next week's issue and uses the web for those answers that were too legnthy.


(Can you tell I am reading a book about newspapers right now?)

Elizabeth Prata said...

Hey, great idea! I love it. Why don't you start one? Portland will need a good paper after the PPH dies.[]

What's the book?

Anonymous said...

Infamous Scribblers.
It started slow but I am enjoying it now :)

I don't want to do a daily but I must confess to wanting to do a weekly.


Elizabeth Prata said...

Infamous Scribblers looks good. I look back at the Founders and their writings (I loved Tom Paine for a long time) and I think, where have they all gone? Is all we're left with is Hillary Clinton? Though I am a Ron Paul fan.

Do a weekly! Do it! (egging you on) Start online like PolotickerMe did...;)

Anonymous said...

You know me. If I am going to do it, it will be the full plunge. No half measures.


Elizabeth Prata said...

now could be the time, with the PPH selling out!

Anonymous said...

Well financially I am not in a position right now. This is a long-term goal. Its on my bucket list :)

Anonymous said...

The Independent Paper in Gray has actually re-invented the "Gray News" with pretty much the same people handling things? The only change I can see is Jeanne Adams is now the Editor. I'm sure you have been informed of 'Town Council Activities'; but the upcoming Election of Council Members should be very interesting! There being (3) seats to fill, election should become quite a contest! To date, papers have been taken out by: Al Grover, Tracy Schekel, and Peter Gellerson. Will be surprising to see who else will 'Jump Into The Ring'?? {There is still lots of time}! Rumor has it that Gary Foster is 'thinking about it'??

Elizabeth Prata said...

I have noticed that the Gray Independent has been putting its online version up again, that's good. I like the fact that Jeanne is editor: she will undoubtedly bring ethics to that particularly ethics-challenged paper. I also notice no more IMHOs by Ray Clark. His IMHO (opinion) columns were usually just excuses for open bitterness. They never illuminated a point or brought forward a good thought- to me, anyway. Also Ray hasn't done any reporting lately too. All good things. As long as Jeanne is there I would trust the paper.

Who is on the council now? I know Debbie Mancini. Andy and Skip finishing their terms. Who else?

I hope that those who get on the council will do right by the people, in jusrice and fairness. I wish Andy well, and Skip too. They are gettng off, no?

Anonymous said...

Oops! It's actually Mark Grover who has taken out papers for a Gray Council Seat. Currently, Debbie Mancini is Council Chair, Andy and Skip go off in June. Tracy Schekel, from NJ, was appointed for a 1-year term which ends in June. The other member is Margaret Hutchings. Don't know too much about her, but I'm sure Jeanne Adams has the 'Scoop' on all of them!! She must have told you about John Balentine's resignation too, huh??