Monday, March 03, 2008

The calm before the storm

We are supposed to get hammered by storms tomorrow. Thunder, high wind, and possible tornadoes. But for now...for tonight...

I turned the tv off and the radio off and videos off and went onto the deck and just listened to the outside. Yes, I have the heat off and the windows open. I listened hard, and I heard the heron grackle. I heard the breeze in the trees. I heard an occasional bird. There were fireflies. And the dog was running up and down the driveway along the edge were the bushes are. I heard an occasional squeak.

Oh, no, was the dog chasing a tiny animal? I heard another squeak, louder. A mouse? A baby squirrel? Oh, no, we can't have carnage amidst this nice, quiet, velvet evening! Another squeak and more running into the bushes. Yikes! I must stop this beastly hunt! I ran to get my flashlight, and shined it on the dog, who was still running around in circles like a dervish.

He was running madly with...a rubber ducky in his mouth.

I heard laughter. Mine. It is a nice evening.

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