Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Prices of things

I live in NE Georgia. With the prices of things going up, I've become very careful with my pennies. I don't drive unless I absolutely have to and at that, I don't go beyond my local town for mail and a few groceries. In other words, no joy trips to Athens, the big city, for entertainment. Gas here is $3.26 today. Result: I haven't filled up for a month.

I just got back from the local town and bought groceries. The local store used to be, well, a small, local grocery store. But lately the produce has perked up. It's the freshest. And the sales have been fantastic. Result: this morning I spent $16.25.

What did I get?

stalk celery: .88
2 green peppers: .68 each
bag lettuce: $1.28
three quarters pound asparagus: $1.17
jumbo sweet onion: .34
4 cans chicken broth: $2.00
2 large cans sweet yams: $3.00
doz medium eggs: $1.75
gallon milk: $3.89
subtotal: $15.77

I have some rice and I'll make a soup with the veggies; that'll last a few days. The asparagus will be accompanied by some frozen shrimp I had already for another meal. Eggs are breakfast (egg whites, separated). I have a bread machine and will bake some bread Thursday, that will be good for sandwiches. The milk will be used for oatmeal breakfasts too. Yams baked into a casserole. I don't buy beverages like soda or alcohol. My entertainment is totally at home, through satellite tv or my computer. So these groceries, measured out among the other meals I'll have out (covered dish breakfast Easter Sunday morning, a friend taking me to lunch Friday) hopefully will last me and I won't have to spend any other money for another week.

I don't know how large families do it.

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