Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bee gone

Remember, as a kid, lying out on a field in a summer day and staring at the fluffy clouds? Your heart slowing so that eventually the crashing of the blood that had been pumping through your young limbs and veins and ears quietens? It is then you hear the bees. The humming and buzzing that seems almost like it is the engine of the world.

Now, those fields are falling silent.

Two reports out this week, more bee colonies than ever crashing. "Colony Collapse Disorder" the scientists are calling it, but that is as far as they've gotten. They do not know why the bees are dying, or what is causing it, or how to stop it. But they are alarmed.

And, you may be asking, 'And why do we care about this?' Because bees pollinate just about everything, even the crops livestock eat from which we get dairy and meats. No pollintation, no crops. No crops no eat.

Report 1: More colonies crashing than ever
Report 2: Decline in bee population cause for concern

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