Monday, March 31, 2008

It all depends on what you choose to look at

Photography by nature has an interesting duality: it captures reality exactly and it captures reality distorted. It all depends on what you choose to look at. I often post photos of the natural beauty around here, and largely the county is gorgeous. There are parts however, which, if I chose to present ONLY those, would give an entirely different impression.

The town of Comer has seen booms and busts, and mini-booms and mini-busts. It is going through one of the latter now. The Chinese restaurant moved to Danielsville. The Comer News editor, who was extremely well-loved, died and the space is still empty. "The Warehouse" sign is the best part of a crumbling building. The lonely newspaper stand in front of an old sign for a former senior center is sad. The rusty thing by the Farmer's Market stand has long ago seen better days. The picket fence topped by a weird collection of things fronts an industrial lot with junk inside.

The two bright spots for me, aside from Blue Bell Gallery, are Cup of Karma Cafe and Carmine's Pizza Time, going-strong restaurants that bracket Comer News. What would we do without Carmine's and Karma Cafe?! I love you! So, here's another view of Comer...


Anonymous said...

I like the pic of the Coon Dogs and the one of the fence. Not sure why but I like fences with character as far as art goes. I wouldnt like them in my yard though :)


Elizabeth Prata said...

the fence objects were weirdly artful...And the perople that own that block are artists.