Friday, June 08, 2012

Yard sales

A friend of mine held a yard sale this morning. Here is some of what I bought:

Hanging from the tree is the cutest ceramic birdhouse and under that stuck in the ground is a small birdbath

Here is another birdhouse nestled in the branches of the same tree

This is one of those self-watering glass globes.
I also got a watering can and a Georgia Gardening encyclopedia, plus a couple of pillows and a couple of small things I'll use in crafting. I hope she makes out well at the yard sale, she deserves it.

On a friend's recommendation, I watched the movie The Big Year last night and I really enjoyed it. It is a decent movie: with no swears, no adult situations, no immorality...just birds, scenery and nice people. Yes, even Bostick. I recommend the movie, as well.

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