Friday, June 01, 2012

The Daily Amble around the Yard

We received some rain last night, so the yard which was looking pitiful and brown is looking a little greener today. The rain cooled things off, too. Yay!

I put the laundry in and took a walk around the yard to see what the rain did for the trees, grass, and bushes. Here's what I saw-

The pine trees and shrubs are greener, but what I love is the different shades of green here.

The fig leaves have gotten huge! I should have put something for scale next to it, but note the fig on the branch. It isn't a tiny fig, but a medium sized one. The landlord had cut the tree way back two years ago but now it is bursting over the clothesline again and butting up against the shed. That thing sure grows fast.

These old latches are on the shed next to the fig tree. I just liked the texture and the whimsy of suddenly there being these unexplained metal loops on the side of the shed that had no door or window.

Dandelions in the hay, plus one seedhead.

Here is a very cool 1:41 time lapse film of dandelion to seed head. Beautiful!

The pears are coming along nicely.

I was watching what was happening in the yard, while this bird was watching me!

Thanks for taking the walk with me. Have a wonderful day!

1 comment:

Never Forsaken said...

Those latches are very wabi sabi.

I love how there are so many variations of green. I paint, and one time I was at the art supply store where a woman could not decide on all the colors to chose from, I advised her to just simply get all the primary colors, along with a large tube of white and black, and of course maybe a fleshtone (although not necessary), and then she could experiement with mixing to get any color she wanted! Variety is the spice of life...but we are the salt!
~Beautiful pics!~God Bless